Evolve Your Crossfit Performance

Evolve Your Crossfit Performance

Evolve Your Crossfit Performance Evolve Your Crossfit Performance Evolve Your Crossfit Performance

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1-2-1 bespoke programming & coaching.  

Fast track your evolution.  



Daniel Faumuina

Joining the evolution program has been amazing for my development in the sport of CrossFit. 

With a strong recommendation from my brother who is a professional athlete in the top of his field and is someone I trust a lot, I knew I had to give the program a go and it has exceeded my expectations!

The intelligent programming and critical analysis of certain movements has helped me to fill a lot of holes as an athlete and improve faster than I expected. 

One of the things I love most about the program is the format. It allows me to build upon certain areas every week so seeing that constant progression and having targets to improve upon is extremely motivating. 

Since joining the program I have been able to achieve my personal goals of competing at some of the top events of the sport and I have some big goals still to come. 

The constructive feedback and constant communications with my coach is extremely important and is something that was lacking in previous programs. 

I couldn’t recommend the program highly enough. It gives me confidence knowing that I’m tackling some big goals with a coach that really cares about my development. 


  • Samoan National Champion
  • Crossfit Sanctionals Athlete
  • 2020 Crossfit Games Athlete


Rachel Faumuina: Crossfit Regionals & Sanctionals Atthlete

Rachel Faumuina: Crossfit Regionals & Sanctionals Atthlete

Rachel Faumuina: Crossfit Regionals & Sanctionals Atthlete

For me, training is as much about intention and planning, as it is about effort and hard work. One of my favourite quotes goes along the lines of “You can climb a ladder with as much speed and effort as possible, but if the ladder is leaning up against the wrong building, you are wasting your time”. What this means to me is that yes, you can be giving 100% in your workouts each day, but if you’re giving 100% to the wrong things, you are not going to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Having a coach like Parry, I am confident we are working towards the right things and no effort is being wasted. He knows what he’s doing, he programs with a wealth of knowledge and he genuinely is passionate about getting you results. He has years of experience coaching professional athletes as well as being a professional athlete which provides a great balance. Definitely recommend!

Testimonial: Steve Tees

Rachel Faumuina: Crossfit Regionals & Sanctionals Atthlete

Rachel Faumuina: Crossfit Regionals & Sanctionals Atthlete

Working with Matt in combination with my home equipment has been invaluable to me and my long work hours. 

Being flexible and having Matt on hand to change my training / rest days when my schedule changes has made my training easier than ever. I would have no idea how I would fit it all in realistically without being able to have my training tailored to suit me individually. 

Matt has always been on hand with his eye for detail and coaching cues which have helped me achieve PBs in all my major lifts when new strength numbers have always been hard for me to come by. 

All the while working on and improving technique.

Matt has always been focussed on my goals and worked with me to push towards personal ambitions or upcoming comps. 

Thanks to Matt and the evolution program.

Who We Are


Evolution is an infinite process

All our programs are designed specifically for you.  All athletes are different and require different areas of focus within training.  The Evolution Crossfit Program is bespoke to you, focussing on developing your work ons and maximising your strengths to evolve them into super strengths 


Training Expertise

Having a background as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in Professional sport I understand how to target specific physiological adaptations, provide effective coaching cues and understand the level of intensity required for success.


My Experience

Coach to 2020 Crossfit Games Athlete

MSc in Strength and Conditioning Science


Former Professional Sportsman



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The Evolution Blog


Firstly thanks for visiting The Evolution Program website. This is my first blog post and I want to set out the concept behind The Evolution Program. 

I believe that through our lives we should play “the infinity game” constantly striving to evolve and better ourselves. This is why I love Crossfit, every session provides an opportunity to learn and develop new skills, push ourselves to the limit and learn lessons about our mentality and discipline. 

I want to help people Evolve